Parsi café’s and restaurants in Mumbai

Jamva chaalo ji

Mumbai, a bustling metropolis has a contrast of cultures and people which is also home to a lot of Parsis . Bombay (Mumbai) has alot number of Parsi café’s and these café’s and restaurants have been longstanding since years. While Parsi number is dwindling yet an alacrity for tasting parsi food keeps growing .

These café’s and restaurants are popular for their food (parsi/bawa food which is a blend of English and Persian cuisine) and of course their unique interiors (frozen in time yet it’s essence is as alive as it was centuries ago). They’re famous for reasonably priced food and drinks and a fact that can never be denied that quality and taste of food remains same from years together but it’s just the price that kept changing .

There were a lot of Parsi restaurants until 1960’s. Currently, there are approximately 30 of them left as most of them have closed down.

If you’re Passing by any of these café’s and restaurants, suddenly you get an aroma thatwould certainly make you drool and create a craving to at least try the food out once and make you visit . These café’s are busy throughout the time as people keep coming and going as clock ticks. These restaurants and café have gotten it’s own class and though the menu is a bizarre mix of cuisine yet Parsi food is at forte and loved by most of us. Parsi food is a source of amazing gastronomic experience and these source play a pivotal part in successfully portraying the Parsi culture and most importantly satisfy everyone and is open to all. Few of these café’s and restaurants are a heritage now. Let’s hope these restaurants remain for the years ahead and not outnumber, continue to give us the same taste as well as satisfy our taste buds and yet help us savour the rich flavour of the Parsi food. Parsi’s with almost warmth would whole heartedly invite you by saying “jamva chaalo ji” which means come eat food is ready. Take a break from your busy lives and visit these café’s and restaurants and enjoy the lip smacking Parsi cuisine. Don’t forget to end with the desserts like lagan nu custard.

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