Build a Dynamic 3D Map of London | WRLD

By WRLD Team on 15th March 2017

We were approached to create a more detailed feature from our previous post on embedding an interactive 3D map of London on your website, with some basic functionality using the Transport for London API. Our Javascript API is an open source 3D map API built on top of Leaflet, the popular mapping library. The article, on Sitepoint, can be found here. A glimpse of what we included and expanded on this time around:

  • Displaying a 3D map of London, much more engaging!
  • Interacting with the 3D map of London in the form of Leaflet Markers, Polylines and Polygons

We’re excited to share a more detailed integration with you all, thanks to our SVP Software Development Tim Jenks. Check out the story on Sitepoint here: Support questions? Email us at or Tweet at us WRLD Happy Mapping 🙂

Originally published at on March 15, 2017.