6 Reflections that I have come to hold true for my life that you should consider.

Life is a gift

Life is truly a gift from God. When God created the world, he meant for it to be in harmony with Him. He wanted us to experience a relationship with him, happiness and love. When Jesus died on the cross, we were given victory from sin. So we can still get to enjoy life through a close walk with God. I wrote a story about a boy who discovered a fresh water river after being born into a filthy man made dam. This is true for me. There is so much to delight in the Lord and now I see life is truly a gift.

Before I used to always be like Jeremiah, cursing the day I was born. Wondering why I was alive. Thinking I was better off dead. I am glad that I have seen how wrong my thoughts were. How my torment was unjustified and how my suffering was unnecessary.

Knowing that life is a gift is helping me enjoy the joy and pains of life. Someone once said, rejoice when you find yourself in pain and suffering because out of your greatest adversity lies your biggest strength or lesson. In my pains of life, it was hard to believe this, the torment was too much but now I learn to see life as a gift and in doing so I find myself being thankful for a lot of things.

Life is short

Life is actually really short. Before I used to say that life is the longest thing you would ever do. However, life is quite brief. When we take time to read books and other happenings of life, it hits me just how fast life is moving. Yesterday it hit me that I was now 25 years old, I wondered to myself if I was honoring my age and what that even meant. We see it in children. Just born the other day and in no time are ready to join school.

Life is moving, waiting for no man. You can have a moment of pride but at the end of it, it is just that, a moment. Life shifts, things change and that is how things are. It shall all come to an end one day. Knowing this is making me wiser. I worry about nothing. Everything owned by people will be left here. I should not chase after things, for it is vanity. I should not stay angry or bitter, it is just too short. I should find out my calling, so that I can fulfill it.

The things of the world do not matter

There are things the world has branded as important. Awards, positions, titles, education, knowledge, strength, luck, money, wealth…all those do not matter much and they will not matter when someone is dead. So what if I do not have any of them? They do not define me. They shall all be left here.

Growing up is knowing God

If you have to tell someone to grow up or to mature up, you are really telling them to know God. (And you should also probably gently just tell them to know God). I have had people say nasty things to me. For example, this doctor once told me that ‘I did not take myself seriously.’ For years, I wondered what it meant and got hurt when I thought about what he said. He had said it in a proud and condescending manner. Instead of gently telling me so whilst explaining himself better and ensuring I understand. The Bible says that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. When I meditated on this hurt I realized that that doctor had just been used by the devil to destroy me, so it should never have bothered me.

When I say that growing up is knowing God, this is how I imagine it; we are like a seed of a mighty tree being disbursed by the wind. So we get blown in every direction that the wind goes. We go up and down and to the side. Sometimes we get trapped between the rocks or scotched by the heat. We always feel empty, alone and insecure but there is a tiny tiny voice that tells us we were born for great things. We sway, round and round and get more lost and lonely, but one day, as we lay in the bare ground tired and afraid, we feel a gentle breeze that slowly moves us. We travel slowly across the land following the breeze which begins to become moist. Our hard self starts to become moist and heavier. When the ranging wind comes again, it does not move us much because we are not as light as we used to be. The ranging wind passes and the gentle breeze pushes us further forward because the ranging wind had made us loose a bit of moisture. In this way the ranging wind helps the breeze move us forward faster. Finally the breeze ceases at the banks of a river where more moist is gained and we die. We die so that we may grow up. Many years later we are mighty unshakable trees to which no one can believe that we were once puny unstable and insecure seeds.

Growing up is about dying to yourself and knowing God. We can all grow up.

God is my dad

I am nothing, yet God is my real dad. No matter what science says I know that God created the heavens and the earth. Prayer is powerful, that I can humbly close my eyes and pray and speak to God is amazing. Beat that technology! This God that created the beautiful humming bird, the great oak or the most poisonous snake created me to be his child. In his own image and likeness. He is my family. The Guy that created the sun is my God, who knows me by name, who has the best interests at heart for me, who loves me and only wants that I obey him. My mind cannot understand Him. He is too big and great yet so humble and relatable. While I, I am nothing. I cannot even hold up a job, I cannot keep a relationship, most people do not like me…all this and he knows me. Despite the fact that we are billions, he has a personal relationship with each of us. I can call him dad, I can talk to him about anything and I am also well taken care of. I just need to learn how to have faith in Him more.

We cannot please men

Yesterday I was reading an article by Njeri Mucheru and I did not agree with it. To be honest, I did not think that she should have divorced her husband for the Bible very clearly speaks against it. But then again what do I know. I have not read the Bible in its totality for me to be sure. I found myself realizing that we cannot please men. Today you will be up, the next day down, that is how it is with men. You will be poached to fill a position only to be taken away by handcuffs by the same people who hired you. You will be elected only to be impeached. People will forget easily what you did for them. This is why being rooted in Christ is most important. Pleasing Christ is the only thing that matters. Pleasing man, no matter who they are in your life, is impossible.

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