Reaseach into Freelance Photography

Who would you work with?

1. Picture editor, I looked at John Spinks for an example as I’m a fan of his work from what I’ve discovered from researching his that he’s worked with editors and styles for example he has worked with David Nolan.

2. Creative Agencies, for an example East is a creative agency for creative artist based in London I looked at this site to see the type of photography that was shown on the website is close to what I’m looking at doing.

3. Brands, I looked at the some of the brands laura pannack has worked with and she has worked with. Nike, The Telegraph weekend, Time, Dove, Stella and Vodaphone this just gives an example of work that is possibly out there.

4. Agent, is someone who helps you find work; the agent will be your point of contact it will be rare that you will be contacted directly or contact brands directly.

5. Portfolio, both a physical and digital copy so a website and a series of images that apply the type of photography you wish to be.

6. Competitions, it’s important to apply to gain exposure places like Taylor wessing, FOTOFILM, royal academy of arts ect.

7. Exposure, Instagram and other social media sites/ bogs websites advertising attending events getting to know your market posting project work and sharing about can attract work. Sending work off to company’s?

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