19. Christmas Shopping

My wife and I took today off to do some Christmas shopping. Neither of us are the kind of person who:

  • Enjoy shopping;
  • Are energized by crowds.

So taking a week day off to shop is much more enjoyable for both of us. Today was no exception. We were able to get a lot of shopping done, enjoy lunch at a Thai restaurant, and get a car inspected. So we get points for productivity today!

Most of our Christmas shopping we do online. Not only is it convenient to have the items delivered, but the options and the sizes are more plentiful. The only drawback to my mind is that you can’t always really see the colors well of some clothes. But overall, we find that works for us.

So here we are, just over 3 weeks from Christmas, and we’ve made great progress on our shopping. For us, we’re ahead…even if we haven’t gotten our tree yet.