22. Sensitivities

Some of the most difficult fibromyalgia symptoms for me to deal with is the various sensitivities I’ve developed. Sometimes it just feels like my senses are being assaulted. Like all my symptoms, some days are worse than others, but I’m always some level of sensitive to certain things.

For example, I am very sensitive to sharp, loud noises. The sound of plates clanking together sometimes feels like an ice pick plunging into my brain. On days when my headache is at its worst, even minor squeaks (like from an office chair) can make me wince.

I also am sensitive to heat. I have kind of a love-hate relationship with my heating pad. When I first turn on my heating pad and place it on a sore spot, it is glorious. But even on the lowest setting, it will get too hot, where to me it feels like it’s searing my skin. I have looked for heating pads that have a lower heat level, but to no avail.

Today has been a hypersensitive day. I’m hoping that tomorrow existence is easier.

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