23. Shuttered

We decided to install shutters in all the windows in our house. It was a big decision, and one we have been contemplating for a long time. About 6 weeks ago, we finally made the decision to go ahead with the project.

Yesterday was scheduled to be the big day — the shutter installation day! The shutters had been delivered to our house in boxes the previous Friday. The team arrived promptly at 8:00 a.m. to take down our existing blinds and install the shutters. As I left for work, the owner of the business said, “You are going to see a huge difference in your home when you return this evening.”

Of course, no project ever goes to plan. It turns out that the shutters were manufactured without accounting for a small adjustment needed to their standard size. So I came home to a house without shutters and without half the blinds!

Fortunately, the manufacturer can rush a replacement order, since they made the mistake. Unfortunately, they can’t rush it enough to be done by Christmas. So our out of town family will have to wait to see the finished product. Oh well, compared to real problems, this is nothing. We’ll have shutters soon enough.

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