1987 Topps Baseball Cards Revisited

Growing up I had a huge collection of baseball, football, and basketball cards(mostly baseball). In my young mind I had dreams of opening up my own card store someday (it was going to be awesome), and this collection I was amassing would be the springboard to my card store (note to my 10 year old self, not a good idea). So my buddies and I would walk down to the local neighborhood store (which was about a mile from our homes which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea), Globe News, every week and buy some wax packs for our collections (which cost 40 cents at the time). Globe News had a small card shop set up in the back of the store. I’m pretty sure the older gentleman who worked their at the time ripped us off pretty good on some trades. Gradually over time I probably amassed a collection between 25,000–50,000 cards total.

However, the set that started it all for me was Topps 1987 baseball set. The 1987 Topps set has been called the set that launched a million collections. That set was full of some of my favorite players at the time such as Don Mattingly, Bo Jackson, Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, Mark McGwire, and Will Clark. I’m not sure what it was with that set, but to this day I still love those cards. Maybe because it was the first cards I started collecting or maybe it was the woodgrain around the cards that made them so unique. Whatever the reason that set has stuck with me all these years.

1987 Topps Bo Jackson

My love for this set has reignited my love for card collecting once again. I work at a middle school now and during our “enrichment time” I decided to do Card Collecting 101 with some of my students. We talked about how expensive some of the rarest cards are and what it means for a card to be in mint condition. However what I was most excited for was to give each of them a pack of 1987 Topps baseball cards with the gum still in it (thank you eBay)! Seeing their excitement while they opened up those packs trying to find Barry Bonds and Bo Jackson’s rookie card was fantastic (by the way no one found one)! They also enjoyed trying the twenty-nine year old gum (yuck)!

1987 Topps Mark McGwire

So I’ve decided to start going back through my collection once again. In a way I feel like one of the guys from American Pickers (my favorite tv show by the way) looking for that rare item that got overlooked by my 10 year old self many years ago. I will chronicle my adventure of going back through my collection here and reliving the memories these card bring back!