Free Speech and Hate Speech
Yonatan Zunger

This is a terrifying article. It’s essentially calling for affirmative action in speech. So, according to the article, if a bank sends me a bill for an improper overcharge, is that hate/harassing speech that should be banned? Overdue credit card bills? After all, that’s the analogy used to described the imbalance of power. Harassing speech is a bit different and tends to be personal and “attacking” the object of the speech on more of an individual level and I think all corners of society, such as telecommunications, social media, etc. should all have a hand in addressing that. But “hate” speech as described in the article is so overly broadly described, NOT based on the content of the speech, per se, but on balancing some randomly perceived equity between the speaker and listener. When we start restricting speech because someone might be offended by it, then we’ll end up never speaking at all…

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