Confessions of a Late Adopter — Embracing Social Media One Platform at a Time

I get it. Social media is here to stay. No passing fad, social media is a mainstay in people’s lives providing the opportunity to connect globally, inform, promote and, in some cases, simply complain.

As a strategic marketing communications professional, I understand the value offered by tapping into these channels. Create your brand. Support your brand. Promote your brand. But as an individual I have been reluctant to jump on the social media bandwagon for a number of reasons.

My role as a communications professional was to promote the interests of others. Let them get the column inches, the consumer impressions, the recognition and the profile.

I guess that training runs deep as I still prefer to work behind the scenes to support the success of others and organizations. Yet I realize this approach runs counter to the culture of social media in which the main goal is to openly share experiences, thoughts, opinions and likes.

So somewhat reluctantly I have embraced social media. I cautiously post, re-tweet and follow others. I lurk and learn. And in doing so, I now have a continuous news feed available 24/7.

I no longer need to wait to hear the thump of a newspaper on the doorstep of the arrival of a newspaper — which of course is not nearly as current as my Twitter feed.

With every tweet and photo posted in Instagram, I am establishing my own personal brand. And yes, I am sharing with others. Which brings me to this blog. A first for me and hopefully, one of many to follow on navigating the “ins” and “outs” of social media.

I have learned to:

  1. Start small. Select a platform that is comfortable and explore its capabilities.
  2. Learn what others are doing. Linking with more experienced social media adopters leads to learning.
  3. Dive in. It only gets easier when you actively participate.

More information for those new to social media is available at

Since I now get it, I have to get over it. While I have come late to the party, I am learning to embrace the channels, be selective and offer content that is reader-worthy. Do I have to share all details of my life? No. Will I continue to actively participate in social media? Yes.

For as the saying goes — better late than never!

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