To Dream is to live a life eternal;

To be born and to live and to die in a single breath:

Rebirth and renewal in the rise and fall of a Dreamer’s chest.

To Dream is to dance joyous and wild midst boundless peril;

A Dreamer knows fear and courts it.

A Dream is the beating heart of the fearful Saint.

When fear as that calamity, as that famine, that plague unto Will, Has left barren the heart of hope, and strength has fled and light has left,

A Dream still grows sanguine.

A Dream is a flower in blossom.

So dream.

And with each breath dream anew the world around you!

Breathe deep, the air is changed.

Let every step lead you into darkness eyes wide open,

And sing! and dance! and love! and cry! and mourn!

And fear.

And yet still dream with your eyes wide open:

Dream, dream, dream!

And you will wake as though you had never slept.