White Guilt is actually White Narcissism
Emma Lindsay

some have gone out of their way to dismiss this article but, it really does shatter their notion of being ‘ a good person ‘ who does what they do because they want to ‘ raise up the people ‘.

it’s all about having control over an image.
something that great many people are guilty of, myself included.

however, being fully aware of your own motivations and actually knowing yourself is paramount before you can authentically fight for anyone else. the need to one up and publicly shame those who don’t regurgitate exactly what you believe to be true, shares some striking similarities to less than flattering historical events.

there is a subversive exchange of cultural capital that people deal in when they go out of their way to look liberal and ‘ accepting ‘. when they can’t tell the difference between supporting a cause and verbally slandering everyone not like them. you may call this sheer cynicism, but you are very naive if you think modern day radicals don’t have uniforms.

this isn’t the first or the last something like this has happened. i’m sure the flower children wanting to be aligned with the black panthers to ‘ fight the establishment ‘ while spouting off about ‘ free love ‘ might be reminiscent of viral twitter posts whose bloated meanings of affirmation into cyclical thinking are really empty slogans — one dimensional rhetoric ; propaganda that doesn’t even being to scratch the surface of fuller, more encompassing — more empathetic — understanding.

i have many experiences with classism, racism, and sexism, but because of the way i present, because i don’t have the right uniform or say the right things, i have been silenced by the very people claiming to stand up for those like me, whether in real life or online.

it really is about elevation ; to be seen on ‘ the right side of history ‘. to be the ‘ hero ‘ in the story. it has nothing to do with whomever they claim they’re fighting for. with most people.

i agree that this is because of the refusal to dive deep and search oneself — to really own up to all of your feelings, not just the ones that could win you acclaim with notes, likes, or retweets.

social media is easy but real soul searching is hard. there isn’t much physicality to it ; nothing to show off to anyone else. so it’s unsurprising that anything of that ilk isn’t something that many people desire.

the political really is (( personal )). everything about our popular culture seems to center around being seen, sharing, and receiving praise.

i agree that it really shouldn’t be anyone’s job to play inquisitor, judge, jury, or executioner. i used to subscribe to a certain level of modern liberal idealism until i realized that in it’s current state all it’s doing is causing ‘ the cause ‘ to stagnate by forcing everyone to deify the ones who have proceeded us or to shift such hero worship onto themselves.

with the worship of gods comes dogma and, it’s thanks to such styles of policing that we have even more barriers to speech, thought, and entertainment. energy spent complaining about celebrities and their views could be spent on those who are not wealthy who are the real revolutionaries in their own right, every day.

they don’t need signs or hashtags or legions of people acknowledging their wonderful and wholesome good deeds because they are trying to survive.

< but, they’re doing it to help everyone! >

< they’re doing it because they’re the empathetic godheads of social media who are kind, caring, good and pure enough to actually suffer with humanity and care what’s going on in the world instead of just going along without dissent! >

< for the first time ever, contemporary society has it’s divine saviours! woe are we if we are ever to be without such gentle souls as these, willing to be our hearts, eyes, ears and tears! >

everything about popular culture seems to center around being seen, sharing / bragging, or receiving praise.

narcissism was not a bad choice of word.

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