A Proper Introduction.


I’m jon. Or at least, the words being written are coming from a person named jon. your screen and these words are not jon, which is probably for the better.

any way, who is this jon, who is not words or a screen?

essentially your typical 21st century jack-of-all-trades.

i’m a musician-turned-audio-engineer-turned-web-developer-who’s-also-a-visual artist that spends most of his time in Toronto. i write and record music as one half of a band/visual-arts collective called The Databats. i do this under the alias of wrrrtika, which i also use as a pseudonym for my visual arts (video collage, and image glitching) output. i also write and deploy code as a freelance web developer for clients in southern Ontario, utilizing a variety of frameworks and libraries (of late I’ve been doing a lot of work in Ruby on Rails and Angular.JS).

i’m a big hockey fan and, like most Torontonians, embrace the seasonal anguish that comes with following the Toronto Maple Leafs. To keep myself moderately sane in spite of this, I also follow the Anaheim Ducks.

i love nature, and animals. i’m a big ocean lover and am full of endless facts related to cetaceans, cephalopods and crustaceans. i’m also very interested in the conservation and study of fragile ecosystems.

i’m not entirely sure what i’m going to write in this space. it’s likely to be related to the above subjects, or dozens of other ones like space exploration, cats, futurism or food. who knows?

that said, hello medium-land! it’s nice to make your acquintance.

feel free to keep up with me in the following locations:

general social medias:
twitter, instagram: @wrrrtika

art/music stuff:

code stuff:

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