My Time at Bitmaker Labs

I attended Bitmaker Labs as part of the 10th cohort, looking for a change of career directions. As someone with a basic HTML/CSS background, I was seeking a development program that would give me the necessary tools to be an actual web developer, not just someone who could cobble together haphazard HTML.

After some research, Bitmaker’s Immersive Web Development course appeared to be the ideal destination for me. I liked the location, and facilities. The curriculum itself seemed great, and I was very excited to start learning Ruby. While the cost was an immense consideration, the speed and depth of the course were worth it.
It was a gruelling 9 weeks, admittedly, but the daily structure of short lectures in the morning, followed by practical application in the afternoon was enough to help one power through. The TA’s are an excellent asset in this regard as well, as they’re a great group of intelligent individuals who are pretty good at walking you through your code to debug/find mistakes.

The most important thing I can stress is that you truly get out of the program what you put into it. There was an extra focus on networking during my cohort, which was great. It might feel overwhelming at times, trying to finish projects and attend meetups, etc., but these events are invaluable to making contacts that will help further your career, and Bitmaker does a great job of letting you know where/when they are.

Overall, I would recommend the experience to anyone that is a motivated self-starter. You’re going to have to push yourself very hard, and put in quite a few hours both before, during and after the program, but it’s worth it. If you can work hard at it, you’ll come out with the knowledge and tools to land the web development job you’re looking for.

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