Don’t only move GUI parts.
Jens Hoffmann

How do you start your day? My day usually starts caching up with the web.

Sniffing though my favorites and seeking for new ideas, etc. Most (all) of the site are somehow equaly structured and I would love to just use my browser to run over all of them. I believe somehow, clicking and scrolling switched in terms of usability since we could “touch” things :) (eg. One-Pager) So Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other Services start doing that, making the Web a Stream of content, but only a stream of teasers. So instead of removing one layer, they add one. A poor experience and often you get lost.

Somehow a RSS-Reader hitted into that direction, but none of them was somehow relevant or outstanding. In bad, the feeling was like reading tones of mails. But they did cutting/reading the relevant parts out of a page (or the page exposed it to them). Just Images, Videos, Content and Relations. Maybe even tags, categorys etc. But no menu, ADs and the ‘nessesary’ rubbish we need to deal with every day. The web is a tough place to be :)

I’m a Creative Director and love desining smart websites, but beside of very less examples, these are mostly only beautiful frames around the content. Nowdays they are again a bit like flash and do a lot of micro-animations and -interactions, but at the end it’s all about content and expirience. RSS could share content and I would expect form a future Browser that also the expirience of content to be shared equally. But behave like a reader, focused on/around content.

I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if a browser would learn our behaviors in some way, understand the current context we are accessing the web and providing the right content (not pages) based on other users or my daily behavior. There are so many patterns of usage, but so less use of those patterns. It all manually. Spotify suggests songs, Firefox could suggest content. Maybe only to a defined content (time, location, previous content, reading time, duration of stay, other user within my social networks, recent searches …) I imagine the ability to sync my behavior with others. (Simple: Sync Youtube, Scroll Positions, across the web with friends.) Make the browser a human.

To be honest, I have no answer ... but hope and small ideas :)
If you are in Germany, letz meet and have a talk. Maybe inspiring.

Greez Jens

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