Writing and time limit

Time is limited. It’s one of the resources that is not renewable. In order to stay productive and creative when writing, you should, if possible, use time intervals. Sometimes it’s better to skip intervals, but the decision is always up to you. If you went into the flow and feel as if the time froze, keep writing. If you’re aware that there are other things to do, other responsibilities, use intervals. Most of the time you should use intervals, though.

What interval should I use? 20 minutes, 30 minutes or maybe 45 minutes? It depends how much time you have, have fast you can type, how much energy you have. When you feel that nothing flows, you’re stuck, stop writing-there’s no point in wasting the precious time. Take a break: an hour or even more. Go for a walk, go out and run, or go to sleep… Next day you will thank your yesterday’s self that you said to yourself: ‘it’s enough’.

Lost time is never found again—Benjamin Franklin

You have to remember and keep reminding to yourself that it is not the hours that count, but the value you produce during any possible interval. In order to produce value and stay productive, you have to develop healthy habits and take care of your health, sleep and what your’re eating. Productivity is merely a side effect of what you’re doing every single minute, hour, day, or week.

Think of limited time as a challenge. If you have less time, money, space you have to be creative. Use time intervals to your advantage to use simpler language.

This short post starts a series of articles about async (agile) writing. I will cover such topics as: tools, review process, planning and how to stay productive and get over perfectionism.

Stay tuned!