You can share something useful in less than 10 minutes.

I often hear the I don’t have time excuse. Sure, I’ve been there, too and even got a t-shirt. Let’s face it: there is enough time, but you can’t make a good use of it.

Nowadays we work in a competitive economy, but technology make it possible to reach audience or clients all over the world. You should not, however, compete by price. Rat rate is a no-go either. What you can is share what you know.

Twitter, Facebook,, Google Plus, Medium, whatever are all tools where you can sell your byproduct. Why would you waste what you already know and have? If you’re a software developer you have skills and knowledge worth thousands, if not millions.

Some time ago I started 15-minute share challenge at My goal was to kill a few birds with a one stone:

  • Blunt my perfectionism
  • Prove that one can share something useful in less than 15 minutes
  • Give something back to the software development community
  • Get some bucks from the software development community

Taking the last point aside (I’m joking if you’re wondering) since April the 4th I wrote 34 protips. Most of them took me less than 15 minutes to write. Some of them, after polishing my setup, took less than 10 minutes. As of today I started to include the preparation time: from hitting `SetupProtip` to sending a twit with a link to the protip.

As you may suppose, 15 minutes would not be possible without some automation in place. I won’t lie to you: the whole setup took many hours. I did not count them, but the time and effort was worthwhile. You can see the setup on my dotfiles repo on GitHub.

The whole challenge is also a motivator that being in the software business you don’t have to spend thousands for dedicated marketing campaigns or hiring external team of pundits on public relation. You don’t have to spend hours to fine-tune long blog posts (they’re useful until you start writing long article series) or treat one day per week / month as an investment day. You can do this ‘marketing’ stuff each single day.

I’m wondering how it could be if each developer shared simple tip once a day?

The ‘protip’ idea isn’t original. Blogging for busy programmers by Andrzej Krzywda, Rework or Getting Real books encouraged me to blog more and more often. Thanks guys!