Will _Saints Musical Journey

There has never been a time when a ‘fella’ just walked in ‘strummed’ his guitar or played the’ piano’ that it had as much an effect like that of Will_Saint Popularly known as Lordwilliamsaint ‘nicknamed’ the creator of the ‘buggalo piano’ ‘Yes’ i did not give it much of a thought he said it all started out like a ‘hobby’ i think that maybe i was just ‘bored’ or was tired of the job i was doing or looking for a better job and i just decided that i needed a bit of a change of scene so i walked down to the guitar shop in the town centre bought a guitar instrument and enrolled for guitar training at a nearby village i acquired knowledge through this opportunity and training followed instructions and just started ‘strumming’ until i became good at it then i left it for some time and changed over to playing the piano -keyboard to do this i borrowed piano books from the local library and started teaching myself and watching the training videos in piano at youtube and other facilities until i became good at it then i joined music clubs and played together with them for about seven years when i became more confident i registered for competitions and was enlisted in this giant music channel/organisation from then on i continued playing with people at various times in music clubs and venues and started studying my progressions in the music business, music channel/organisation .Suprisingly one day after several years of playing at various venues i found myself number one on the R&B Charts in london uk and the best one hundred R&B/Soul musicians in the Uk I was shocked at first but now i have come to accept it that i was now officially recognised as talented in the playing and performing of musical instruments. If you think that i am controversial i would not think so i would say that i just do my job and attract people from doing a good job at the same time i would not argue too much with persons like you as i am sure that you have your reasons for saying so but i am sure about one thing i am a great song writer /performer/musician my works can be found at Reverbnation.com
I am not a stranger from ‘outer space’ i would say that i started from Stpancras london uk because that is where i was born and was known at birth in Stpancras as Azeez babatunde Bello Nationality Uk Citizen you can see the photos of my album covers below and visit my sales shop here to view my music products



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