A message to my Transitioning Team

As you know I talk differently to Daniel. This is why he does the meetings with customers & partners now :)

This company is in a state of transition, and I would argue so are the people within it. We are truly growing up, its amazing to see what we have come from and where we are going.

I realise its tough right now for all of you. I totally acknowledge that daily you are getting thrown challenges, and sometimes its hard to do them, you are confused as to priorities or it seems chaotic or you just don’t know whats happening. I also acknowledge that I know that each and every one of you gives your all and is committed to what we are trying to achieve here. And I just want to thank you for that, having a team like this is truly humbling, its hard to go around hugging people all the time, but trust me I’m grateful for each of you, you each bring something unique to the table.

Together we are stronger, and together we can continue this journey upwards. Our challenges now are about resourcing and scaling. We need to ensure we don’t grow too fast so we can’t cope, that we don’t stagnate and lose our handle on the technology side. I’m fully aware we need more people, and we are working our way to getting there.

But let me say we need to enjoy the journey. I’ve realised recently that its not just about getting to the top, not just about conquering the mountain, its about enjoying yourself along the way and creating memories and having laughs with friends. I hope in ShipperHQ we can enjoy this journey, not just together, not just socially, but also from the perspective of ensuring staff are earning a good wage and are ‘comfortable’ & have good work/life balance. That is my aim here.

We all get stressed, me probably more than others. 2017 has been a challenging year already, and I get frustrated we can’t run faster, that I can’t run faster. Sometimes looking at VC and investment it seems like a great idea, but really we shouldn’t go there. We can do this on our own, and the rewards if we do are far greater.

We are moving now to a place where my worth to this company is currently more at a technical level and overall strategy/thought leadership. Slowly I expect I’ll move away from the technical side as we build that out. Our roles are changing. I hope I can make more time to just talk to staff, rather than having the daily grind to deal with.

It’s hard working in a company that is growing as you sometimes have to adjust as the team dynamics change. On Monday 2 new staff start, then another guy on Jul 1st. How will they affect you/us? We don’t know, but they will impact (hopefully positively!!). We need you guys to push yourselves, to fill in the gaps sometimes and maybe that’s not your role but what we most need is just people to get behind it and help in any way they can, that’s teamwork.

At Magento Imagine the CEO of Stella & Dot said that all employees need to be entrepreneurs. I would encourage you all to think deeply about this statement. It would be chaos if we were all disruptors so I’m not asking you to go too crazy(!), but if we all think about the whole sometimes and worry less about what our role actually is then maybe we can do even more amazing things than today.

Thanks for being my team. I look forwards to our next chapter.

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