With all that’s going on I’m finding I crave ‘normal’ stuff and just content that makes me think about other things. Thats the motivation behind this post. I don’t really share much about my private life, certainly though in the last year I’ve got more open, as I realise its important for people to see under the hood a bit on what its like to be a Female Tech CEO — there are so few of us.

I thought I’d share some detail around how I ended up being able to start a company, and juggle a little family. I hope its interesting, and for some of you maybe it helps guide your own thoughts around the nuclear family & working for yourself. …

Not sure about you but I’m still struggling. Running a company at present is tough. Never before have I had to consider mental health and the well-being of my staff so much.

It’s hard to market, it’s hard to do sales. Its definitely hard to do engineering.

I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon of current events. Not because I don’t care, its because I care so much. Ever since I was at Uni back in the 90s and the only girl in my Computer Science class I’ve cared about diversity, and tried to encourage it. …

Well I’m calmer now. So that’s good.

I kind of wonder how people were in World War 2. Being from UK obviously it was a big part of my history growing up in the 70s, my parents were just babies, but their parents were either in service or at home sheltering.

Did people get used to people dying? Did they go — oh its only 350 today thats good then?

That’s what I struggle with TBH. How can I stand and laugh whilst all these people are suffering. …


Karen Baker

CEO ShipperHQ/WebShopApps

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