Programming with a love of the implicit

I try to imply this case in UX for a simple task like saving a file.

Implicit — You hit CTRL + S ( no need save button)

Explicit — You have to move your mouse and hit the save button.

Implicitly are fast (understanding the code) and fewer steps but you have to know the command (understand the Magic)

Explicit take more actions (more code to see) but there’s no need to understand the command ( No need to understand the magic) almost everyone knows how to click the button.

So, in this case, UX dev know that the command interface is good for an intermediate user or power user and UI for beginner user or first-time user.

IMHO, We could benefit of both worlds.

What part of software we tend to change often then implicit would benefit.

What part of software we tend to rarely change then explicit would benefit.