I'm not responsing to the fact!

Answering questions about yes or no is always a big difficulty for me.

The reason is that Chinese people do not answer a question in the same logic of people grow up in the western culture do. While people like Americans are always answering a question due to the facts, how Chinese people response a person who ask them a question depends on the attitude that the person who asks the question has on the question.

Please allow me to explain this interesting but boring theory with an example. Let us say that I'm going to a professor's office hour. After I've asked all the questions that I don't know the professor says that,“So now you don't have any problems solving all these questions we've just talked about, right?" An American student would say, "No, I have no problems now," which is an answer based on the fact that he has no questions. However, a Chinese person,(I'm not saying all Chinese students would have this problem because most of them are smart and will learn and change how they answering a question.) would say, "Yes, I have no problems now." The reason a Chinese person is answering questions in this way is that he assumes the person who answer this question believe what he or her is saying is true, in this case the Chinese person would assume that the professor thinks he has no problems now. Therefore, if the Chinese person do not have problems, he will show his agreement of the professor's statement by answering YES, other wise he would say NO.

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