This isn’t massively Smith related but really just need to vent so sorry in advance.

I’ve been a member for over two years now and I’ve really enjoyed working with the party and campaigning across the country and dealing with people’s concerns. I’ve found a real community in the party both on and offline where I’ve always felt very welcome and made lots of good friends.

But I’ve never felt so ashamed to be as a member, despite sadly disappointing amounts of competition in awful moments, as today where the most popular labour politician in the country was insulted for coming out against Corbyn. Many Corbynites have come out to dismiss his massive success in London as entirely Corbyns’s, or dismissing Khan’s victory in what was a racist and islamophonic campaign. Further than that, they’ve taken to insulting his family and almost dismissing the challenges that working class people face to get to the top. Sadiq Khan has worked incredibly hard to become Mayor, being a human rights lawyer before becoming an MP and serving as a minister, unlike a man who was has never known hardship, has never had a job outside parliament and has voted with the Tories over 500 times.

I know that many are desperate for a change in our political system, but Corbyn is not the answer. We need someone with experience and competence, as well as being popular with the electorate. The fact that some Corbynites would come out and make comments that bus drivers have low moral standards is disgusting, elitist and wrong. How can we say we’re the party for the people when we refuse to listen and call them immoral when we disagree?

Actions mean more than words, and Owen Smith knows that too. I grew up on a council estate with a single mum. Michael Foot’s rhetoric did nothing for me, but Blair doubling the funding per student in England and Wales and opening up higher education meant my sister and me could study maths at top 10 universities. History will judge us by what we achieve, not what we said at a rally. As upset and disappointed as I am with the party now, I won’t ever leave it. It’s our party too, and we can win with Owen Smith as leader.