Define and control the way you ship software applications to production

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Stability and governance are among the hottest topics that should be handled in any software development process. Both topics need to be addressed from the development stage to the deployment and running stages in the production environment.

One of the processes or techniques that can help in mastering software development, deployment, and running of the services is the production readiness process. This process is a bunch of tasks and verification of items that need to be checked during the software development process to ensure that the services:

  • have proper documentation
  • are prepared for running in production environments
  • are compliant with all adopted standards and non-functional…

Manage Docker Swarm and Docker Compose deployments with GitHub Actions

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There are plenty of continuous integration and delivery tools that can be used to run CI/CD pipelines, such as Jenkins, Travis CI, and CircleCI. When it comes to projects hosted on GitHub, there is another native option available, which is GitHub workflows.

GitHub workflows can be used to achieve several goals, such as building Docker images, running unit tests, and even deploying to a remote server. …

Extract key-value pairs from log lines using the FluentD parser

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“Fluentd is a cross-platform open-source data collection software project originally developed at Treasure Data. It is written primarily in the Ruby programming language.”

— Wikipedia

In my previous blog posts, I explained how to use FluentD to parse and ship logs to a centralized logging server (EFK stack), Parse multi-line logs for Rails applications, and provided an overview of some of the most used plugins for parsing logs with FluentD. You can check the mentioned blog posts using the links below:

In this post, I will focus on another issue that can be solved with Fluentd. It will result in improving the quality of the logs and provide a better chance for building visualizations based on the parsed logs. …


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