WOW Classic Healing as a Shaman Detailed Guide

You are always going to be healing as a shaman, whether it is yourself, or a team member,because you have the spells and you should be using them. U4gm not saying all shamans are the main healer, or even the back-up healer, but U4gm saying save your group some time by helping with your spells when you can. Cut down your down-time and heal yourself; instead of eating food, save space and only carry water because you can heal.

Healing Spells
Shamans have three different healing spells. They are all used throughout your career. If used correctly, they can save on down time and possibly a wipe.

Healing Wave
This is the first healing spell you receive. When received at level one, this spell is only a 1.5 second cast time. As you go up in ranks, it increases to the maximum time of 3 seconds at rank four and higher. Healing wave is the primary healing spell you will use. Healing wave is mana efficient and heals for a decent amount. The three second cast time makes it so the heal has to be planned a little better, and with talents it can be reduced to a 2.5 second cast time. Use this to heal up targets after a fight if you are elemental, or enhancement, and have the mana available.

Lesser Healing Wave
Lesser healing wave rank one is received at level 20. Lesser healing wave is a quick heal, having a cast time of 1.5 seconds, so it is more for emergency use. Lesser healing wave should be used only when the cast time difference is important. Lesser healing wave at max rank heals for less than half of max rank of healing wave. Lesser healing wave at max rank 2/3 of what max rank healing wave costs in mana consumption. Consider lesser healing wave your emergency button, not your regular heal.

Chain Heal
Chain heal rank one is first available at level 40. Chain Heal has a cast time of 2.5 seconds. This makes it better than a talented healing wave, but still slower than lesser healing wave. Chain heal is less mana efficient than lesser healing wave if used on one target. If chain heal can do 1 or more of it’s jumps, then it is more efficient than lesser healing wave. If it can fully jump, it is as efficient as healing wave. Chain heal is designed to be used when 3 or more of the group have damage. The first target of the spell gets the full amount healed plus 72 percent of your plus healing gear. The second target gets half the healing of the previous one and only 36 percent of your plus healing hear. It then does one final jump that does half the healing it did on the last target, and only 18 percent of your plus healing gear. Chain heal is a strong healing spell when used by the shaman wisely. The ability to heal three targets in your group can really up your healing.

Healing Totems
Shamans have three different healing totems. Two for healing mana, and one for healing life. All three totems are of the water type. Unless you are using one of the other situational water totems, you should be healing your group with your water type totem. If you are in a group with more than just the main tank taking damage, you should be dropping a healing stream totem. The healing over time is often overlooked as helping the group out, but when it is healing 3 or more of the group all at one time, it is doing it’s job. If you are in a group that only has a main tank taking the damage, it is not worth dropping a healing stream totem; drop a mana spring totem instead. If you have the points into the restoration tree, you should have Mana tide totem. This totem heals a lot more mana than mana spring totem does. Mana tide has a cool down though. So, if you do not have mana tide totem down use mana spring so that your group will have that constant feed of mana.

Healing Management
The common number that is going around right now on how much plus healing gear a healing shaman needs is around 800 total plus healing.

Healing is one of those abilities that takes a certain eye. You need to know when to start to heal, and when not to. Begin too late with a heal, and your target might be dead; begin too early, and part or potentially all of your heal will be wasted. Healers will commonly be required to either be in a voice channel or a text channel so they can coordinate healing. Working together with other healers can be a powerful combination.

Remember the other ways that a shaman can augment his group making them more effective: if a shaman goes on a raid, or even into an instance group, and all he does is heal, it is unlikely he will be asked back again in the future.

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For more information, please read the WOW Classic Career Guide.

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