WOW Classic Priest Professional characteristics analysis guide

If you’re a modern World of Warcraft player or it’s been years since you’ve played, you may need a refresher on the Classic classes. Over the years, a lot has changed, and now it’s back to where it started. Do you Want to be a Priest? There’s a lot to know before you pick.

Priest has a powerful healing ability and attack ability. It is a versatile occupation, but in different occasions in Classic, the way of using it is very different. Below U4GM will pass PVE and PVP, and 3 kinds of Priest. A comprehensive analysis of talent.

PVE aspect
In PVE, Discipline and Holy talent are role models for all the therapists in the game. Whether you are looking after the tank alone or taking care of most of the team members, you can choose from a variety of treatments, so in the team, Priest is always A reassuring therapist.

Shadow-Priest’s DPS in Classic WOW is very powerful, but the endurance is 0, so like Hunter, it becomes a level 1 skill professional. If you use high-level skills, it will cause MP consumption in a period of time.

Shadow-Priest has risen once in Naxxramas, certainly not as strong as Shadow-Priest itself, but because Warlock of the T3 suit has risen, and Shadow-Priest is in urgent need of BUFF to increase shadow damage, so each team will bring at least one.

PVP aspect:
Holy Fire damage is relatively high, but the casting speed is too slow, the ability to instantly increase damage and focus on firepower is the worst of all treatment professions. After using a Mind Blast, there is no follow-up, basically it can only disperse and treat. Being caught by the enemy is death. You just used the dispelling and it was too late to heal, and the teammates fell. It is really boring to be a full-time therapist.

The Priest in Classic is not very compatible with Worrior. Worrior is in the heat in front of you. You are attacked by Rogue in the back. Worrior can only watch you die, and Priest’s signature skill “Power Word: Shield” to Worrior It doesn’t matter, Worrior is a profession that relies on anger to attack, and Power Word: Shield will make Worrior unable to generate anger.

Priest has no self-protection ability, and is more suitable for Rogue, Mage and other professional control and explosion. Throughout the history of WOW, Rogue+Mage+Priest is always the highest in career, no one.

Shadow-Priest is more powerful in PVP. Although it lacks fast-moving skills, Shadow spells have a high probability of stuning each other. As long as they are not controlled by Rogue and the like, the chances of winning are still very large.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that Priest is used as a therapist most of the time in PVE. Although the DPS of Shadow-Priest is very high, but there is not enough MP support, it is better than Mage, although Mage also consumes MP. But Mage earns Gold very quickly, and can buy a lot of potions at the auction house to make up for the lack of MP.

And Priest is not so lucky, this career is not easy to make money in Classic WOW, even if you study Alchemy and Enchanting these two very profitable business skills, because there is not enough Gold, these two skills can not be improved To the highest level, in this case, you can go to the U4GM website, where there is a very cheap WOW Classic Gold US for sale.

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