WOW Classic Priest’s best 1–40 talent guide

WOW Classic is coming, a lot of people have these tales about how terrible leveling as a priest is/was in vanilla. I can say that in addition to hunters and warlocks, Priest is also a career with strong survivability in the wild.

Most occupations are fragile at the beginning, and Priest is no exception. But as the level increases, Priest will become more and more powerful, but the premise of all this is that in the process of upgrading, how to choose the right talent, and the reasonable distribution points, U4GM will be talented according to different rank order. Point analysis.

In the process of upgrading, the best talent match is Shadow+Discipline. Below is the talent map of Priest 1–40.

Talent assignment is a matter of learning. Although the final result is shown above, the steps of talent assignment must follow certain rules. The following text tells you the order in which talents are activated.

1.Wand Specialization + 5
At 10–14, use all the points on the Wand Specialization to increase your attack damage and save time.

2.Spirit Tap + 5
At 15–19, you need to activate Spirit Tap, which will save you a lot of MP and improve your upgrade efficiency.

3.Improved Shadow Word: Pain + 2
The talent points acquired at level 20–21 are used to activate Improved Shadow Word: Pain, which extends its duration, increases damage, and saves MP.

4.Shadow Focus + 3
The 22–24 level activates Shadow Focus. In the early stage, the hit attributes of all occupations are not enough, and the equipment that can increase the hit is very few, only compensated by talent.

5.Mind Flay + 1
Level 25 activates Mind Flay, which can also reduce the speed of the opponent. This skill will greatly increase the chance of Priest’s survival in the wild. Finally, you don’t have to attack me closely. You can fly a kite like hunter.

6.Martyrdom + 2
Class 26–27 activates Martyrdom.

7.Improved Power Word: Fortitude + 2
Activated Power Word: Fortitude at level 28–29, boost your endurance attributes and increase HP.

8.Improved Power Word: Shield + 1
Level 30 activates Improved Power Word: Shield, this is Priest’s signature skill, which absorbs damage and improves survival.

9.Inner Focus + 1
Level 31 We choose to activate Inner Focus instead of continuing to upgrade Improved Power Word: Shield. When you have certain defenses, the next thing to consider is how to use the least MP, which causes the most damage. Inner Focus is the skill. This goal is designed.

10.Meditation + 3
32–34 activates Meditation, improves your MP recovery speed, reduces the time you spend sitting down drinking, and saves you Gold.

11.Improved Power Word: Shield + 1
Level 35 Upgrade Improved Power Word: Shield, at around level 40, 10% damage absorption is enough for the time being, and there are more important talents waiting for activation.

12.Mental Agility + 5
Class 36–40 activates Mental Agility to further save MP.

As you can see from the above, Priest has a lot of talents to save MP. From here we can see that Priest is very lacking in MP. Although there are many talents to reduce MP consumption, you will find that MP is not enough during the upgrade process. If you want to improve your upgrade efficiency, you need to prepare a certain amount of MP potion.

But usually, these potions are not cheap, you can get Cheap WOW Classic Gold through the safe and fast U4GM trading platform, which can greatly shorten your upgrade time.

In the previous article, we shared the task guide for the Priest upgrade, detailing which tasks need to be done and which tasks can be abandoned, which can further shorten the upgrade time.

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