WOW Classic Warlock PVE Properties and Equipment Selection — 1

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Oct 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Warlock is a relatively small occupation in WOW Classic, but it is because of the small population, the acquisition of equipment is relatively easy, and there is not much competition between the profession. U4gm will give a brief introduction to some of Warlock’s properties and equipment options in the following article.

Choices about Hit, Critical Strides and Spell Damage
There is no option to increase Hit in Warlock’s talent. Since this situation can only be compensated by the attributes of the equipment, the maximum limit is 16% if the Hit attribute does not overflow, but Warlock is hard to rely on equipment to get the highest Hit. But that doesn’t matter, because even if you fill up the Hit property, the monster will have a certain chance to resist.

Hit is the biggest gain, it’s useless, and it sacrifices too many other useful properties.

A lot of equipment is improved with multiple attributes, not a single attribute. Although Hit is the first attribute, don’t sacrifice too many other attributes for Hit unless your Hit property is very low.

For Warlock, Critical Strikes > Spell damage. Critical strikes don’t need to be deliberately added. Warlock’s Critical Strits property is sufficient to always trigger the Improved Shadow Bolt effect.

Spell damage is an attribute with no upper limit, the higher the better.

Improved Shadow Bolt’s effects not only affect the Shadow Bolt damage of the next 4 Hits, but also other Warlock’s Shadow Bolt, which also affects other DOTs in the form of Shadow damage. DOT also has 20 in 12 seconds or before 4 effects are consumed. % damage bonus.

However, it is still up to the decision of the head to decide whether Warlock can use Corruption.

The more Warlock, the higher the Critical Strike, the Improved Shadow Bolt will become a resident BUFF. Usually the team will have a Shadow Priest, then Warlock’s overall DPS will be very high, and will not be as polarized as Fire Mage.

Warlock equipment selection
The Molten Core has only three pieces: Talisman of Ephemeral Power, Azuresong Mageblade, and Choker of the Fire Lord. In addition, if you have enough guild points, you can take another Mana Igniting Cord.

Choker of the Fire Lord
Neck necklace
+7 intelligence
+7 endurance
Requires level 60
Equipment: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and spells, up to 34 points.
How to get it: Ragnaros in Molten Core drops, the drop probability is 14.79%.

Ragnaros location

Blackwing Lair’s equipment is very good, better than Warlock’s professional suit, Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal, Bracers of Arcane Accuracy, Pure Elementium Band, Neltharion’s Tear, Cloak of Consumption, Jin’do’s Bag of Whammies, The equipment must be obtained. With them, Warlock’s DPS will be greatly improved. If you have learned the tailoring skills, then the Bloodvine Garb suit is also a good choice.

The Cloak of Consumption, Jin’do’s Bag of Whammies and Bloodvine Garb suits listed above can be used up to Ahn’Qiraj.

In the Naxxramas, Patchwerk dropped the Wand of Fates, Seal of the Damned, Sapphiron dropped the Cloak of the Necropolis and Sapphiron’s Left Eye.

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