WOW Classic Warrior’s occupational characteristics and employment situation

Warriors in WOW Classic have low requirements for operating methods, but they have high requirements for equipment. People usually call him “equipment magnifier”.

PVE aspect:
The only tank designated in the 60th grade, the employment opportunity is second only to the treatment professions Paladin, Priest and Shaman, but only if the guild holds the event, you can maintain a stable online time, if you take two or three times, the team will also I don’t need you anymore.

Because Rage is almost infinite, the operation is relatively simple, but the global combat awareness is very high. You need to create a safe output position for your teammates. When teammates accidentally attract other monsters, they can take over the newly added monsters for the first time. Before using the Boss big damage skill, open the damage reduction function (not to open it) just in advance, and establish hatred in the shortest time and position the Boss position so that the teammate can safely output.

Can attract 2 monsters by one person and won’t be killed, manually mark monsters, call teammates to concentrate firepower and increase hate output, and Intercept back in the first time of being hit, these are the most basic requirements for becoming a qualified tank.

A little bit more difficult is that when the team is under great pressure, you can use the Piercing Howl kite mobs like PVP. When cleaning up mobs and specific BOSS, it will bring some breathing space to the team and improve team efficiency.

All of this needs to be provided by experience accumulation, and it will only be slow to go up to a newcomer to a monster, and players who do not switch gesture interception or disciplinary are not recommended.

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Output Warrior:
The early DPS was not high, and the difficulty of employment was very high. After the Blackwing Lair was opened, it could barely be used. After Ahn’Qiraj began to rise, Naxxramas was at its peak and became a presence overlooking other professions.

In the early days, hits and crit attributes were not enough. As a warrior equipped with a magnifying glass, the relatives were enlarged by countless times, hit poorly, not crit, low damage, less anger, your Flurry talent activated and not activated. The effect is the same, there is no good team BUFF, so most teams are not willing to let the output Warrior join the team. With a Warrior in the absence of a DOT position, in the unlikely event, the Shield Wall will be opened for a 10-second dead tank, which is the only contribution of the output Warrior to the team.

Therefore, in the early Molten Core, there is no need to use the output Warrior, as long as the operation consciousness is strong, the online time is stable, and it can be requested with the leader or the president. The Protection talent participates in the activity and takes the unmanned plate arm output equipment. Bonereaver’s Edge with minimal competitive pressure. At the same time, the tank can take Lifegiving Gem in a right way, and the output Warrior can’t have this qualification at all.

PVP aspect:
With a healing profession, it can produce 1+1>2 effects, and with Holy-Paladin it can produce 1+1>3 effects.

The pre-Molten Core version has a BUG-level weapon like Bonereaver’s Edge. In contrast, Rogue has no good weapons, very poor.

After graduating from the military uniform + Raid parts, PVP has a first-class sense of refreshment and a king in a small-scale team battle. But the enemy hit you Shuangkuaigan is first class, there is a meat grinder with occupational therapy, if not very miserable, massive team battle is cannon fodder, while 10 people beat you, 40 therapists give you treatment to no avail.

The chance to enter the high-level PVP team is only a little higher than that of Rogue. The organizer will consider whether you want to be a therapist or not. You are mainly active in Arathi Basin. Warsong Gulch is a little worse. In most cases, it is wandering on the edge. The midfielder is who is the first to charge who will die. If you are a therapist, the Warrior in the small battlefield is the presence of a meat grinder.

Alterac Valley experience is very poor, regardless of any large-scale team battles version, Warrior assault are professional, especially Tauren Warrior, a shambles of your body so much, do not beat you beat who?

Players who don’t like to deal with others are not recommended to play PVP with Warrior. The game experience is really average.

This is not to say that Warrior can’t. Warriors from 60 to 80 have always been first-line occupations. The pre-90s version 5.1~5.2 is even more like God.

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