WOW Classic’s most comprehensive Shaman Totems information analysis

One of the most important things for shamans are how they use their totems. This can mean the difference between winning or losing in many fights. You can have one totem of each element at a time down. In the game, the shaman has a variety of totems, each of which has different functions and attributes. U4gm introduced careers such as Worrior guides and Priest guides in previous articles. Next, We will introduce the totems of these different attributes in the most detailed way.

Earth Totems
You receive your first totems at level 4 when you complete the Call of Earth quest.

Stoneskin Totem
Stoneskin totem reduces the damage you take per hit by X amount (amount varies depending on what rank you use). This totem lasts 2 minutes, and affects everyone in your group who is within 20 yards of the totem. This totem is designed to lower damage significantly on mobs or players who hit quickly and do less damage, since it does the reduction per hit.

Earthbind Totem
Earthbind totem places a totem at the feet of the shaman that pulses a 50% movement rate reduction buff on all mobs within 10 yards of it. It lasts 45 seconds and has a 15 second cooldown. This totem is useful for mobs that run away, or when you need to sprint away. There is a talent called Earth’s Grasp that extends the range by 10% and then 20%.

Stoneclaw Totem
Stoneclaw totem once dropped pulses a weak threat. This causes mobs with little or no threat on someone to attack the totem. The totem itself is one of the most durable of the totems that a shaman gets where most totems only have 5 hp the rank 1 Stoneclaw has 65. Also, when the totem is hit with a melee attack, it has a 50% chance of stunning the target for 3 seconds. When this totem is used skillfully, it can help with adds for at least a few seconds. Another common tactic in PvP is to drop a Stoneclaw totem to distract pets. A pet that automatically attacks you will get pulled away by the Stoneclaw totem. A pet that is told to attack you is unaffected by the totem.

Strength of Earth Totem
Strength of Earth totem once dropped gives all members of your group who are within 20 yards of the totem a strength buff. Strength of Earth Totem lasts 2 minutes. Strength of Earth is a good totem for enhancement shamans to drop when they are soloing because it will increase their attack power. This totem is also very useful when you are in a group that doesn’t need the other situational earth totems.

Tremor Totem
Tremor totem causes a pulse for 30 yards that removes fear, charm, and sleep from all party members. It then continues to pulse every five seconds for the next two minutes. This totem is very situational, so a lot of shamans will never use it during their career. That is a mistake I hope you do not make. Tremor totem, if used correctly, can save a group from mass fear or sleep spells. When used, it is in anticipation of one of the above mentioned spells, or as soon as they land on other party members. Tremor totem is normally dropped, and then, once the initial pulse cures the group, it is replaced by a more appropriate earth totem.

Earth Elemental Totem
Earth Elemental totem summons an earth elemental to help the shaman. The shaman has no control over the elemental, and it is set to be aggressive to anything within its aggression area. The earth elemental has a fair amount of hit points — approximately that of a shaman of the same level as it. The earth elemental also casts an Area of Effect (AoE) taunt spell that he casts. This makes the earth elemental good at holding threat. If another earth totem is placed while the earth elemental is out, it will destroy the earth elemental. The totem and earth elemental lasts two minutes and they are bound in place so it will not follow you around. If there are no mobs in the area, the earth elemental will stand next to the totem. Casting earth elemental totem also puts the Fire Elemental totem on a two minute cool down, effectively making it impossible to have both elementals out at the same time. Earth elemental totem has a 20 minute cool down. Also, if the totem is destroyed, the elemental is also banished. Some people will target the totem due to the fact you can not heal the totem but you can heal the elemental.

Fire Totems
You can get the Call of Fire quest at level
10. Once completed, you will get your fire totem and can start using fire elemental totems.

Searing Totem
Searing totem will cast a mini fireball at an enemy within 20 yards of the totem. Searing totem is a good totem to use in single target fights. Some of the weakness of the totem are that it picks its target at random from available hostiles in its range. This can cause adds to a fight, or break crowd controlled (Cced) mobs. Each shot does get 8% of your spell damage bonus. Searing totem is an effective low mana, damage over time (DoT) spell.

Fire Nova Totem
Fire Nova totem when dropped will start a count down. Four seconds after being dropped Fire Nova totem explodes, doing decent damage to all mobs within 10 yards of the totem. When this totem is dropped, it causes a large amount of threat for the totem itself. This means that if all mobs in the area do not already have a decent amount of threat on yourself or other players in your group, they will attack the Fire Nova totem. The totem only has five hit points and is quickly killed before it explodes. This totem is useful against players more than most mobs due to the fact that most mobs at the level you receive the totem can kill it in one hit. This means the mobs look away for a second then return to attacking you. Some players will ignore it until it is too late. Other times, Fire Nova totem is a good way to get a rogue out of stealth if they are next to it when it goes off. There is a talent called Improved Fire Nova Totem that makes the “fuse” on the totem 2 seconds less, making it a faster AoE spell. Fire Nova totem has a 15 second cool down after being placed.

Frost Resistance Totem
Frost Resistance totem gives a frost resistance buff to all party members who are within 20 yards of the totem. Frost resistance totem is very situational. It is primarily used when you are raiding a mob who casts frost spells. Otherwise, it will sit and gather dust most of the time. On occasion, if you notice a frost mage in PvP It might be useful. The problem is that frost mages will kite you away from the totem quickly, making the cast a waste of mana.

Magma Totem
Once dropped a magma totem for the next 20 seconds, every two seconds will pulse an AoE damage. This will only hit mobs who are within eight yards of the totem. This totem also draws a large amount of threat. Since the totem only has 5 hit points, it will be quickly destroyed unless there is threat coming from another source. Magma totem is not very mana efficient unless it is hitting three or more mobs. Magma totem does do a good job at bringing a large group of mobs down in life if you have a warrior, or something with an AoE threat, that will keep the mobs off the totem.

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