Adam Gotsis got the mile high call. It didn’t take long for the aussie out of Georgia Tech to get notcied. He was a second team all-american for the Yellow Jackets and even though he had to miss some of the 2015 season due to an injury, his dream came to fruition this evening in Chicago at the 2016 NFL Draft. At 6'5, 278 lbs this young man is only going to get bigger, faster, and stronger. He will have a great teacher in Denver: Wade Phillips. It will be a big adjustment for Gotsis, coming from a short career at Georgia Tech and before that, he was a rugby player in Melbourne. Yet, with Wade Phillips 38 plus years of coaching experience, this will help fine tune this young man into a defensive machine at Denver. Enjoy the spotlight young man, you’ve earned it. The reigning Super Bowl champs are looking to keep their defend their title this coming September.
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