Ari Horie — CEO and Founder of Women’s StartUp Lab Receives Bvlgari Avrora Award!

Ari Horie CEO and Founder of Women’s StartUp Lab

Great news continue for Women’s StartUp Lab and Ari Horie, CEO and Founder of WSLab.

Ari Horie received the Bvlgari Avrora Award for her lifetime achievement in inspiring and empowering women all over the world. 10 women with unrivaled talent and creativity in various fields are selected for this prestigious award. Each of these 10 honorees has brilliant achievements in their field. They are praised and celebrated as the most precious and unique jewel. Here are a few words from Ari Horie:

Ari Horie Receiving the Bvlgari Avrora Award 2019

“ I’m honored to be recognized for this award along with the other #inspiringwomen who were honored last night. Many are leaders in their field, and some may even be world record holders, and yet, they fail to receive the recognition, funding or media attention of men whose accomplishments pale in comparison to theirs. I am grateful to Bvlgari for the Avrora awards which give #inspiringwomen the opportunity to take the stage and command our due of which we are so often deprived. We are silenced, challenged and diminished. Even for those who have attained incredible levels of achievement, there is no equality nor fair shot for to be noticed and gain the credibility that they deserve. We must speak up and promote other women. We have the ability to vote through our purchasing power, through our actions and through the words we speak every day to make a difference and to empower one another. We each have to make conscious effort to invest in women and to promote one another to greatness. We are the force that will drive the change. We must rise, everyday and everyway.”

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Exclusive Women's Startup Accelerator in Silicon Valley

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