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Ministry of Fisheries vessel Tui-Ni-Wasabula at the GSS jetty. The vessel is now under the GSS.

The upgrading of Government wharf at Walu Bay is currently underway with Pacific Marine Building Solutions working on the project.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure & Transport, Honorable Vijay Nath said the project will incorporate the widening of the Landing Craft loading ramps and construction of drum storage facilities.

“It will also include the instalment of ship to shore power connections, lamp posts and berthing boundary markers.

Minister Nath said there is a real need for the Government wharf to be upgraded given the additional number of new vessels adding to Department of Government Shipping current fleet.

“The current loading ramps were constructed years ago to suit the landing craft that was built locally by Fiji Marine Department and could not accommodate the wide ramps of the two Landing Crafts that were recently purchased from Malaysia namely MLC Vunilagi and MLC Sigavou,” Minister Nath said.

Minister Nath added that the new wharf infrastructure will have safe mooring and loading facility.

“New bollards will have to be installed and the old ones repositioned to accommodate better and safe mooring.

“Technical repairs will accommodate the safe loading of cargoes and passengers without risk of injury to passengers and damage to cargoes.

“This will mean efficient and effective loading and discharging at minimum time frame.

Meanwhile, the $3.6 million project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Originally published at on August 31, 2016.

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