Winnie Song

Electronic Games Fall 2014 Issue


A Computerized Networked Shoot-‘em-up in the first person view… on the Moon!

What could be better than soaring through vast space and exploring our very own Solar System, to seek out and defeat the Darkness that plagues the world with its Dark Evil? What could trump the feeling of disintegrating your enemy to dust with a Plasma Gun, discovering ancient relics at the heart of forgotten planets, or flying a solar-powered motorcycle across the Moon’s bluffs?

Virtually nothing, Bungie claims. And they are so, so right.

Enter the world of “Destiny”, the newly released Video Game from Activision and Bungie on the Playstation Four and the XBOX One systems, in which all of the above are possible and so much more, RIGHT in your living room. What has your television done for you lately?

The “Destiny” experience begins with the selection of one of Three Distinct Classes: As a Titan, aptly named for their towering figure and mountainous, impenetrable armor, you will crush your enemies to a pulp with one blow; As the swift Hunter, you will hold mastery over the land and agility in battle; As The Warlock, you will conquer the elements and take hold the powers of the Light to decimate your enemies, and even TAKE FLIGHT with a click of a button!

Whichever you choose will equip you with weaponry needed to push back the armies of the Darkness, a force so evil and alien that it must be eradicated at all costs — and only You can do the deed. Fight, and Win — to bring Victory, Honour and Peace to the world of Light, and end the reign of Darkness.

The “Ghost” will act as your companion, and help you navigate through the world, so that you will never get lost in the vast, unending reaches of the game’s cosmos.
Thousands of futuristic weapons and unique, realistically rendered armor are discoverable in the world of “Destiny”. Can you find and look SO GOOD in them all?

What more, via your network connection to the Internet, you can test your strengths against OTHER PLAYERS across the WWW! Enter the Crucible, a tense battle of dexterity and strategy between two teams made up of your fellow Guardians that inhabit the game.

In fact, Destiny offers so many activities and events that up to three gamers can cooperate on a single adventure through this network. Join ranks with the ever-growing group of video game hobbyists around the world and create a formidable FireTeam to strike against the Guardians’ enemies.

Embark on this treacherous journey with your most trusted companions, to valiantly go where no one has dared before — to destroy all those who stand against the Light, and the creatures that threaten the Guardian way.

We’re taking control of our own “Destiny”. Will you?


    Winnie Song

    Written by

    Game maker based in NY, NY —

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