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Days after a myriad of videos exposing Tmartn & ProSyndicate, the community is still waging a war against the alleged culprits of a seemingly purposely deceptive campaign to exploit and manipulate their viewers in a gambling scheme.

The story is long and at this point everyone and their mothers are talking about it. It’s hit national television, news publications, social platforms and probably legal channels. I won’t go into too much detail as it’ll take away from this topics narrative.

I’ve discussed this topic (gambling, ramifications of deception, etc.) in other platforms but I’ll be frank, this one needs to be discussed, but instead of talking about the now, we’ll talk about the later. A lesson that you the reader will take in. As a reference of the evils that have taken over our double-edge sword of an industry.

eSports is great but it isn’t shy of controversy. In a consistent matter the brand of competitive gaming is tarnished day in and day out by someone or some group who was and/or is willing to exploit for personal gain. Whether it may be cheating, match fixing, bad representation and in this case, deceptively marketing a company and using that influence to promote illegalities.

Bottom line, as someone said earlier “it’s time to stop.” — filthy frank. Now to the topic at hand. In a developing fallout the culprits in this case are being subjected to social justice. Their lives are being turned upside down, their history is being knit-picked and their brand tarnished. They are facing an integral community whose opinions are blunt and vicious.

Deserve it or not it’s happening and it’s impacting all aspects of their lively hood. lets look at some specifics to give general insight on how it’s affecting them.


Previous twitter bio before story broke
Twitter bio after story broke

For those who don’t know Tmartn has some stake in eSports team, Team EnvyUs. A minority stake which doesn’t affect operations as Managing Director stated in a press release.

A clear cut case of distancing. Either Team EnvyUs gave Tmartn the axe or he’s choosing to distance himself from the brand of Team EnvyUs. An objective milestone in his brand now gone.

In addition you look at his metrics on social media platforms. His bread and butter.

(pictured below)

3k loss within last couple of days, statistically inclining with expectations of further downfall

Tmartn is the face of the campaign for integrity. The poster child of what our industry must get rid of. In the eyes of many he is the embodiment of everything wrong with eSports and ‘new media’ personalities.

This continues to show us that just like our traditional counterpart, figures in our side of the grass are still subjected to the same treatment. You are not special. Your earnings or reputation will take a beating and in an industry that has historically been one of the most dedicated, you’re taking that beating from a collective group who will pick up that pitchfork and drive you out and make sure you never come back.

Point being I think this is our biggest wake up call. Not just for us, but for our lawmakers, our industry leaders. We are already beginning the process of regulating the competitive scene, now it’s time to regulate our associations in the industry. No more shady sites. No more exploitative or manipulative marketing that is borderline unethical or straight up illegal.

I say it’s a wake up call because it’s frankly just that. This is a huge story and it will continue to blow up. It’ll get the attention of the state department and more. This will absolutely leave a stain in our history. An event that will be known as the beginning of the fall of skin gambling, whether done through legal remedies or publisher actions.

Lesson to be learned, don’t sleep on this industry.

Hi. I’m a consultancy owner. I deal with eSports, numbers, management and more. I occasionally write and bake awesome pies. This is an opinion piece that reflects on my ideology alone. Like my shitty writing or want to get in contact with me? Wsosa510@gmail.com

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