Royalties Update #001

It’s that time again …

The June 17 accounting period has well and truly wrapped and royalty statements are dropping into a portal or inbox near you.
Hit us up now and get your statement in for review ahead of the pack.

In the news …

  • Make a claim in the $43M Spotify Mechanical Settlement — All the info is here. Claim forms will be available after the final ruling on Dec 1st. Sign up to get email notifications on the outcome and further info.
  • ASCAP and BMI playing nice together — the two copyright giants join forces to bring forth a global database of works. But will it work?
  • Blockchain and royalties — Automated royalty payments? Smart contracts? Global rights database? Sounds pretty good …
  • IFPI report 2017 — The state of the industry for H1 2017, according to global industry body. Spoilers: YouTube is king … (but where’s the money?!)
  • RIAA report 2017 — And how about the US in particular? Paid subscriptions through the roof = better royalty revenue for all. (PDF download)

Find Out More

From your day-to-day royalty administration, to deep, forensic statement reviews, WSRA will handle all your royalty needs. Hit us up here to find out more.

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