Royalties Update #003

Session player/Side-Artist Unclaimed Performance Royalties

Most of us are at least a little bit across the world of Neighbouring Rights. A royalty is generated by the performance of the sound recording which is split between the copyright owner and the featured performer. But in the US, via SoundExchange, A portion of this income is set aside for non-featured performers to be claimed through AFM/SAG-AFTRA. i.e., session musicians, side-artists, etc.

If you fit the description hit up the link below to browse their unclaimed royalties section. Even if you/your client’s name isn’t listed it may be worth considering filling out a registration form for future royalties.

In the news …

As always, don’t hesitate to touch base with us for any further info on anything here!

WSRA Service Spotlight

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  • Ensure statements adhere to the letter of the contract.
  • Identify missing sales and other income.
  • Liaise with label/publisher partners for a resolution.
  • Available on publishing or master royalty agreements.

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