Royalties Update #005

Dates to remember …

The end of March approaches and with it the end of Q1 2018. Oh how the time flies! … Coming up at the end of this month:

  • Dec 17 quarterly or six-monthly royalty accounts on 90 day accounting terms due at the end of this month.
  • BMI royalty payments due 16th March for the Sept17 quarter performance royalties.
  • BMI Live deadline — 31st March for performances in the period Jul — Dec 17. Get them in here.
  • ASCAP Onstage deadline — 31st March for performances in the period Oct — Dec 17. Get them in here.

In the news: The Breakage 2.0 Edition!

A few years ago we heard about Breakage. This was money paid to artists out of the labels’ left over Spotify advances. Lump sums not attributable to any particular artist. With Spotify going public and labels standing to make considerable cash out of their equity shares, we now have … Breakage 2.0 ….

It could be a good idea, while all this Spotify Goes Public news is hot, to get in touch with your label and ask how they propose to account this income. We’re seeing lots of press releases but very few details.

As always, don’t hesitate to touch base for any royalty related questions. We’re always happy to chat!

WSRA Service Spotlight

Royalty Income Analysis: Easy to digest, custom Dashboard Report showing data across all your sources of royalty income.

  • See all your income across multiple sources in one place.
  • Compare income across separate deals, territories and more.
  • A true representation of your global royalty streams.
  • Discover trends and use the data to aid in future decision making.
  • Powered by RoyaltyTracks

Find out more about our income analysis service, right here.

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