Royalties Update #006

The Music Modernisation Act

Massive changes to US copyright law will most likely be passed in the Senate after passing unanimously in the House of Reps on April 25th. These wide ranging changes will benefit artists and rights owners in a few ways, the main ones being:

  • Copyright protection for performance of pre-1972 master recordings (via digital/satellite radio.)
  • Introduction of a central agency to clear mechanical rights for all DSPs and pay copyright owners.

Read a short summary of it right here. (PDF)
More detail here.
And some words from A2IM CEO Richard James Burgess here

In the news:

As always, don’t hesitate to touch base for any royalty related questions. We’re always happy to chat!


  • ASCAP Onstage deadline — 30th June: for performances in the period Jan — Mar 18. Get them in here.
  • BMI Live deadline — 30th June: for performances in the period Oct 17 — Mar 18. Get them in here.

WSRA Service Spotlight

Royalty Health Check: A complete overview of your current royalty income setup and “well-being”. A super simple report that includes.

  • An easy to follow Royalty Flow Diagram, showing how your income should be flowing to you.
  • Key contract points and advice on potential pitfalls.
  • Key royalty statement and income receipt dates relevant to you.
  • Assessment of your current royalty income set-up and potential issues.
  • Health improvement recommendations.

Find out more about our Royalty Health Check service, right here.

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