Learning to Love in the Anthropocene (2)
Joy Saint James


This is a wonderful read. Not because it’s short. Not because it’s refreshing. But because it’s different than a lot of posts we get to read these days.

I especially like ‘people who are destroying this planet are living dead’ logic. It’s true. It’s the same thought I’ve had for the last few days.

Looking at how people leave used cups where they are, getting detached from surroundings because they’re so immersed in their phones, growing distant from other tourists because we have selfie sticks now and don’t need to ask other people to take our pictures and thus share that moment with them, and more importantly, forgetting what really matters (I still can’t understand why the picture was considered more important than the life of that baby dolphin).

Thanks, Joy, for sharing this post.

Differently refreshing.

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