We were mostly raised and brought up to be ordinary.

And by ordinary, I mean doing whatever it takes to fit in and get along with others:

obeying the rules,
filling out the forms,
standing in line,
doing what is expected of you without question,
going to school and getting good grades,
graduating and getting a good job,
work each day,
becoming a good citizen,
paying your taxes,

And then we reach a certain age — usually our early to mid-40’s — and ask…

“Is that all there is?”

We don’t realize that we have been living in a society that has been doing its best night and day to make you just like everybody else.

This is a crisis and battle for the emergence of the TRUE SELF-based on one’s soul’s code and calling given to us prior to birth.

And often that Soul’s code and calling wants something very different then doing what’s necessary to please everyone in your life and fitting in to continue to be ordinary.

It is in the awakening of the Soul’s Code that the TRUE SELF becomes clearer, your life purpose and driving force unveil itself through a series or revelations, synchronicities and serendipitous events.

Our lives begin to unravel and breakdown to create the necessary space before transformation commences to move beyond living the a half-lived to a self-actualized full life.