Silicon Valley arrogance: “I can tell you which startups will succeed, without even knowing what…
Dan Kim

Thanks for writing this! I couldn’t agree more. I’m willing to work extremely hard during the regular 40 hours, but the tech sector expectation of 10 hour days plus nights and weekends is really disheartening and, in my opinion, actually leads to lower quality work a lot of the time. People have a finite amount of energy and focus to give, and if you force them to stretch that over an unreasonable amount of time, quality is going to suffer.

People see tech salaries and perks and think it’s the most amazing job in the world, but when you actually break down the amount of ridiculous obligatory (unpaid!) overtime hours that most places expect now, it breaks down to drastically less money per hour, and a foosball table certainly doesn’t make up for that. I would gladly take a lesser salary and no over-the-top perks to maintain a work-life balance.

Unions and other workers rights groups worked so hard to get us eight-hour days and 40 hour work weeks, and tech is now undoing all of that and somehow getting away with only paying people for 40 hours a week, yet demanding constant free overtime, which they would never do if they paid people hourly instead of salary. Add to that the new scam-ish behavior of providing “unlimited PTO” (which sounds like a dream come true, but most people who have worked with it know it results in a culture where it’s actually much more difficult to take time off, and you lose the ability to get paid out for accrued time if you leave or get laid off), and tech is successfully stomping all over workers rights.

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