An Open Letter to Minnesota Ultimate
Emma Piorier

It’s hard to make people change. It’s much more feasible to change the conditions which will force people to change. What CONDITIONS will make men respect women more on the field, and to pass it to them more?

If the number of players on the field for each team is small. In a 4v4 game, EVERY player counts. In a 7v7 game, not every player is needed for the team to score. But when there is only 4 players on each team, every team member has to get involved and involve the other players if you want the best chance of scoring. If you only have three teammates, no way you’re going to put down one of them or look a teammate off because then you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage on the field. You learn to value each and every player because each player matters more on the field, and meanwhile also has more opportunities to get the disc and grow as a player. That’s how I played pick-up in the small town where I grew up, and the few girls got the disc very often.

So that’s one solution I offer for your youth summer league dilemma… 4v4. Not a totally absurd idea, as 7v7 Football has popped up all over the country, especially at the high school level, particularly in Texas. (Texas has produced many super-talented athletes and QBs because of these small-sided games)

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