Putin Didn’t Do It
Dave Pell

Good post.

Having spent my career with an organization that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, (twice), working to provide basic human rights and physical security for millions of citizens forced to flee from their homes as refugees and internally displaced persons, I spent more than a decade working in countries that were either part of the Soviet Union, or its satellite states.

I say this as background, hoping to engage in a dialogue, going into what Putin and his team may have done, over a period of years, to subvert the US elections of 2016, that turned just enough voters minds to elect our current President.

What we have learned over the past 6 months, as you have noted, is how close candidate Trump’s team really was to getting ‘turned’ (or perhaps inadevertently were) by the master craftsmen (and women) of the Russian spy network.

I want the investigations to continue on Capitol Hill, and I most decidedly want the work of Mueller to go on. It certainly looks like there is no end in sight. Perhaps best for the American people would be for the President to resign.

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