Digital Citizenship: What We’re Hearing From You
The Obama Foundation

Thanks for the inspirational words about the importance of being a ‘digital citizen’. It is more possible today for any 2 persons, anywhere on our planet, to collaborate aimed at achieving successful outcomes on all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during Agenda 2030.

We are hoping to announce a ‘welcome to the SOCAL Sister Cities SDG FORCE MULTIPLER community of practice (CoP)’ in the coming months. 47 cities in southern California, with more than 200 sister cities around the world are considering how to assemble our human resources toward achieving social good in our world. Many of us have been inspired by President Obama, and seek to join forces in our collaborations for development.

Our goal is to bring new players to the table to achieve SDG successful outcomes under the Agenda 2030. We are students, young professional, educators, and highly motivated humanitarians. We come from universities, the private sector, government agencies, and non-government organizations in southern California.

Our efforts hope to organize a CoP that will serve as a knowledge hub supporting both HQ and field-based organizational efforts to achieve successful outcomes against all 17 SDGs. We want to be bold and hard-working, eager to engage both humanitarian and long-term development assistance agencies as well as clients being served to arrive at successful solutions aimed at ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and building peaceful societies on a healthy planet.

We believe it is possible to achieve the goal of ending extreme poverty and hunger in the world by 2030. Our CoP includes members from some of the wealthiest and most developed ‘smart cities’ on the planet seeking ways to make meaningful contributions to Agenda 2030. Having the Obama Foundation in our network would mean a lot!!!

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