Top 5 E-commerce platforms for your Online Store

One of the biggest trends past few years has been getting your retail shop online. Having an online presence has massive benefits — improved branding, a larger market, more exposure and better sales.

The Indian eCommerce industry has also been on an upward growth trend and is expected to reach $250 billion by 2020. No wonder every business wants to start an eCommerce store to stay competitive in the market.

Now when it comes to the selection of eCommerce platforms, there are plenty of options available which make it increasingly difficult to make a choice.

Below we list the top platforms that will easily help you with your online store.


Shopify is one of the most used eCommerce platforms which focuses on social commerce and mobile shopping. The platform is known for its easy setup, fast loading speed, secure payment gateways and customisable templates for all your landing pages. Shopify is extremely SEO friendly and you can directly connect your online store with its Facebook page.


Magento is an open source platform owned by eBay. It is one of the fastest growing platforms among all. Magento offers several advanced features required for a state-of-the-art online store. With almost one fourth of the market share, Magento is the market leader widely known for its reliable performance and stability.


OpenCart is a simple open source platform widely popular among small businesses. It offers easy to use backend with feature rich plugins and ultimately lesser load on the server. Here, you can get a lifetime of free support and free updates. It is a good platform to get started, but probably not good for scaling.


WooCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce platforms for WordPress with a seamless and easy integration. You can install professional looking templates or even may develop your own template to give your store the best look. There are plenty of plugins for customizing your store. With advanced backend, security and SEO functionalities, WooCommerce has become a top choice for plenty of companies.


Prestashop is among the leading names in the eCommerce industry. It offers advanced shopping cart functionality, robust backend support and plenty of modules to add on your store. They have one of the largest open source eCommerce communities in the world and provide hundreds of product features for small, medium or large business for 100% free.

There are plenty platforms in the market and each has its own set of benefits and technological challenges that need to be dealt with. While choosing an eCommerce platform make sure you research your needs. Figure out the size of your inventory, the security you need, mobile features, social buying capabilities and other backend features. Your online store has its own unique set of requirements and choosing the right platform can be a daunting task. Else, you can hire our qualified team of experts at WTA Studios to help you build the online store of your dreams. Start Now!




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A Product Design & Software Development Company

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