High-Resolution Podcast

Podcasts are the next gen source of information to stay updated with the latest tech products or light-hearted daily dose of entertainment.

One such informative yet a fun dialogue was the High-Resolution Podcast talking about latest web design technology and business management by Bobby Ghoshal and Jared Erondu.

User experience and user interface are two umbrella topics which are the backbone of any web application connecting the customer to the provider. There are a very few forums where lead designers have gathered to openly discuss their strategies and ideology towards their approach to the modern day user interface design. A successful product delivery is only possible when the user connects to the provider and believes in their product which can be achieved only through an effective design.

High Resolution is one such attempt to get all the lead designers of the decade to openly discuss their challenges, the process and solutions for the enormous success of their product.

High Resolution is a limited video series on product design and design thinking.

It comprised of 25 videos which were shot over a span of 6 months with 25 masters of the industry. Each week the hosts would interview a new lead designer for about an hour talking about how the best companies approach, communicate and deploy design.

Some of the huge names which were a part of the podcast were Katie Dill (the lead designer of airbnb) Didier Hilhorst (Director, Product Design at Uber), Phil Gilbert (Head of Design, IBM) and many more.Katie Dill in her video discusses how to frame user experiences and tell stories about the day-in-the-life of humans, going through the Airbnb rebrand and how design can be bigger than interfaces or a role.

The next guest was Didier who is a Director of Design at Uber, before which he was a lead designer on Flipboard. He discussed the importance of physical proximity for designers and engineers, creating a narrative before you get stakeholder buy-in, when to set design standards and how designers can do a better job at being transparent.

Phil Gilbert (IBM Head of design) was yet another influential designer who participated in the podcast. He discussed about creating IBM’s proprietary design thinking methodology, their own design school for new graduates, and what he’s going to do with the $100 Million that IBM has entrusted to him to bring design back to IBM’s roots.

Another story covered in the series is about Luke Woods who is the head of design at Facebook.He discussed about leading a team that designs for 2 billion users, how he got to his position, and what he thinks the role of designers and design is especially in such a contentious political climate.

Few other names who were a part of the podcasts are Kate Aronowitz (Design Partner at GV), Daniel Burka (Director of Design at Resolve to Save Lives) , Kat Holmes (Founder, KATA || Author, “Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design”) and many more.

  • The aim of the podcast was to make the viewers understand the function and value of design, within any organization, with non-designers and business leaders in order to drive investment in people and process.
  • Secondly it focuses on how to instill a design culture in any business through small experiments that drive results. It talks about how to include stakeholders in the design process and progress.
  • Lastly it tells us wow to generate confidence in the team and others as they engage problems using the design process which is the most crucial part to deliver a successful product.

Such podcasts enables people to understand the value of the most crucial element of any product which is design. A good UI UX design is now not just a added benefit but a dire need. The final product though is not easy to achieve and undergoes a lot of detailed processes and steps to incorporate the slightest need if the user.

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