IKEA has found the ultimate food hack…

Aug 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Every now and then, IKEA pops up on with something so cool, it blows our mind! This time there’s delicious food involved, Thank You IKEA!

‘Cook This Page” are recipe sheets designed by a Toronto based advertising agency for IKEA’s Creative Campaign and the instructions are a piece of cake. This defies the popular criticism over IKEA’s do-it-yourself instructions being, well, let’s say, not so yielding.

Considering this, Leo Burnett’s agency designed a campaign to bring a new perspective to the table– Food, ‘we realised trying new recipes is a little scary for people,’ the agency’s creative directors, Anthony Chelvanathan and Steve Persico explained. ‘we set out to make it better, easier and more creative by using creativity to reinvent the recipe.’

These parchment papers contain stencilled illustrations of the ingredients in shapes that match the quantities required for the recipe. Whether you are a Michelin star or got your hands in the kitchen for the very first time, all you have to do is add the corresponding ingredients into the illustrations, roll up the paper, and toss it in the oven. It’s genius!

These fun illustrations are drawn with food safe ink and the shapes indicate the quantity of each ingredient appropriate for the recipe at hand. Not only is it a blessing for people who don’t know the first thing about cooking, food cooked with steam is considerably a healthier style of cooking, especially seafood!

These recipes incorporate IKEA food products to throw light on their line of household kitchen goods.

Although Cook This Page was only a promotional product at IKEA’s big kitchen sale across their Canadian outlets, the shelves were swept clean within a few hours.
Sure a useful hack to know!
The question that remains though, are we any closer to downloading food off the internet?

Bon appetit!
Let us know your thoughts!

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