Illustration Trends — 2018

Art begins with ‘INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY’ and has no end. Similarly, digital Illustrations is a form of art, which keeps on changing and upgrading with the passing time.

These illustrations differ depending upon the illustrators but the ongoing trends in the industry are imperative to understand and are useful to enhance your digital images.

Check out the most trending illustrations of 2018:

Interplay of colours

The use of playful colours for depicting digital images have increased significantly. The right interaction of different colours has a high impact on the viewer, making the illustrations more vibrant. Digital illustrators are using these colors to make the images stand apart from the others.

Colour plays a vital role in visual language. The right choice of the color shade and intensity, influences the look of an illustration.

The use of bold and bright colours is trending in 2018, breaking traditional barriers of design. These colors are being used in both pattern collages and individually. The color shades are likely to become bolder and more saturated in the years to come. Colour intensity itself is likely to become a concept.

Female empowerment through illustrations

The most trending illustrations of 2018 is the unification of women empowerment and art. A variety of designers and illustrators have used digital images as platform to portray women empowerment. The illustrators are keen to express their perspectives with respect to female empowerment through their drawings.

Digital illustrations based on female empowerment carry certain physical traits, like rounded features, extended limbs, body hair and so on. These illustrations are a way of voicing against the pre-existing concepts of the society regarding women. Certain illustrators are striving to normalize the concepts of sexuality of women.

A number of individuals and groups have come up to support women empowerment through their illustrations. Their ideas and images attract a number of people, aiming at spreading awareness, globally.

Surrealism and absurdity

‘Surrealism’ a concept of art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, is gradually showing up in digital illustrations. The illustrators are creating these illustrations, considering that anything can happen, good or bad. ‘Absurdity’ is slowly getting into the contemporary world of art and illustrations. There are a number of strange styles that have changed the way digital images are depicted. As a result, many decorative concepts are now being visible in the drawings. Styles based on sci-fi have also been trending lately. In fact, this is one of the fastest emerging digital illustration trends in the current market. The digital artists have different approaches towards drawing these illustrations. Certain artworks are hilarious, while others are jagged and the characters are dysmorphic.

Alienation and anxiety

Emotions, the greatest of all ! A variety of human emotions have become a part of the contemporary digital illustrations world. Alienation and anxiety are reflected in the images and artwork of the designers. From politics to culture and society, elements from all these spheres of human life have made a strong presence in the contemporary illustrations. Concepts like nuclear war, instability in global politics and other aspects that lead to anxiety and crisis are certain areas that the illustrators focus on.

Different colours are used to portray different feelings and emotions. Artists from around the world are focussing on elements that cause stress and other feelings of alienation like fear. These are being presented in dark, monochromatic scenes. Illustrators are able to make such images for people to relate with them.

Retro images of the 1990’s

The old meets the new! The retro images of the 1990’s have taken its place in the current artistic world that we are living in. These images have become a platform for the illustrators to play and experiment with various colours, tones and other types of effects.

These images carry a sense of nostalgia that brings people closer and gives them a feeling of belongingness. The incorporation of retro with the new has been identified as a strong way to market a firm/product/service.

One of the dominant features of these illustrations has been the use of solid colors and clear lines in the images. Artists are also creating images taking inspiration from the pop culture of the 1990’s. The cartoons developed during this period were known for the use of vibrant colors, and presently, several illustrations are being developed, based on these themes.

The Japanese style of illustration

Anime fan?! The distinctive features of the japanese culture have made its presence across the globe. Several artworks have been inspired from this culture. Illustrators have openly accepted and used various different styles like anime or the Ukiyo-e art. Not just that but the City and their fashion styles have been used to develop images and illustrations that have a great impact on the viewers.

Blending digital and hand-drawn styles

A consolidated version of the hand drawn and modern methods of illustration have come up in the recent times, forming a major part of the contemporary world. Artists are able to nurture their creativity by developing innovative and new concepts through integrating digital and hand-drawn styles.

This has turned out to be one of the most powerful illustration trends of 2018. These illustrations also play a major role in the commercial sector, where people are influenced at a great level.

The new techniques have made work easier and quicker, where drawing sketches is no more time consuming, at least not as much as before. The designers have been coming up with illustrative letterings and types. The blend of paper-drawn artwork and vector artwork is a positive development

A proper illustration strategy, with the help of experts, can enable the business companies to leverage all the resources and marketing methodologies to grow. A strong illustration impacts a larger group of people. Stay up to date with the latest in trends for your work to stand out.

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