Prototyping in Web & Mobile Apps

Prototyping is one of the first and the most crucial stage before any web or app development. It is the blueprint on which the entire development takes place. This is the stage where you brainstorm all your ideas.

The focus is on the visual design and functionality of your program. These are the early stages of your app development where you can identify issues, gather feedback and iterate on your project.

Advantages of a prototype:

  • It is a great way to visualize your app. It shows that the designer has understood the project brief and its ready to move to the next stage.
  • It is a cost-effective way to discover issues that could be expensive to optimize later and gives a clear evaluation.
  • To gather feedback from users on the usability and utility of your app or website. This reduces risk and helps to ensure that your application is successful upon launch.

These are usually created for websites or mobile apps using prototyping softwares which do not require any programming knowledge. It helps designers, developers and information architects to plan out the experience of the user with the product. This is evaluated by a test user who gives unbiased feedback for optimizing and iterating.

Paper Prototype

This is one of the simplest and easiest prototyping method where paper models are used to simulate an application. Every interaction of the user is drawn as a screen with just the UI elements. These sketches are usually drawn on plain or construction paper with markers or just a pencil.

How is it done:

Wireframes of the user interface of the website or the app are drawn on paper. This can be at any level of detail but must show all the interactive elements like buttons, sliders, scrolls, and tabs.

A test participant is shown the screen and every time they point to a link, they are taken to the relevant screen. This is a very basic simulation of the program. After collecting user feedback, the model is improved or passed on for the next phase.

Digital Prototype:

This is a more advanced prototyping method which gives a better visualization of the user interface elements. Unlike static wireframes, these can respond to user interaction and perform relevant transitions or open screens by clicking a button.

These prototypes are usually created with special wireframing softwares like Marvel app. The designs contain all the UI elements like text fields, icons, image holders and buttons which can give a more realistic view of the final product. After wireframing, a test user interacts with the app and give his feedback which can be used to optimize the clickable wireframe prototype or pass it onto the next stage.

HTML Prototype:

This is a more advanced prototype usually done by designers who are comfortable with coding. HTML prototypes have numerous advantages. You can test it on any device or OS without the need of external softwares. This is cost effective as you don’t need a prototyping software. This prototype also does the groundwork for the final code which is a huge energy and time saver.


Prototyping is thus a crucial process before starting any development. It solves many purposes, fixes usability issues and removes all the guesswork before the start of coding. This is the framework for creating functional User Experience.

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